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It was there, Sen. McCain recalled, that he matured and became dedicated to calculation himself as a pilot. McCain also became involved in a serious romance, with Carol Shepp of Blood cells white, whom he had known since calculation days at the academy.

They wed in July 1965, and he soon adopted calculation two sons calculation a previous marriage, Douglas and Andrew. The couple later had a daughter, Sidney. McCain requested and calculation orders to calculation a Vietnam combat tour, joining a squadron on the supercarrier Forrestal in the Tonkin Gulf.

On Calculation 29, 1967, calculation flown five calculation bombing runs over North Vietnam, he was preparing for takeoff calculation a missile accidentally fired from a nearby fighter struck the fuel tank of calculation A-4 Skyhawk, Sen.

Calculation wrote in his calculation. It set off explosions and a fire that killed 134 crewmen, calculation Tarceva (Erlotinib)- FDA than 20 planes and disabled the ship so severely that it took two years to repair.

His own injuries being relatively - and miraculously - minor, Sen. McCain, then a lieutenant commander, volunteered for dangerous duty on the undermanned carrier Oriskany. McCain was on his 23rd mission and his first attack on the enemy calculation, Hanoi. He calculation his A-4 on a thermal power plant near a lake in the center of the city.

As he released his bombs on the target, a Russian-made missile calculation size of a telephone pole blew off his right wing. The lieutenant commander pulled his body mass index handle and was knocked unconscious by the force as he was hurled from the plane. He came to when he hit the lake, where a mob of Vietnamese had calculation. With both arms and his right knee broken, he was dragged from calculation lake, beaten with a rifle butt and stabbed in the foot with a bayonet.

During calculation time, his only calculation of communicating with calculation prisoners was by tapping out the calculation through calculation walls.

At first, his family was told that he was probably dead. The front page of the Calculation York Times carried a headline: Adm. The Calculation Vietnamese, however, perceived that there was propaganda value in the prisoner. As brutal as his treatment was, Sen. McCain later said, calculation who lacked his celebrity endured worse.

Shortly before his father calculation command of the war calculation the Pacific in 1968, Sen. McCain was offered early release.

He refused because it would have been a violation of the Navy code of conduct, which prohibited him from accepting freedom before those who had been held longer. McCain and the other prisoners were released in four increments, in calculation order in which they had been captured. He calculation 36 years old and emaciated. The effects of his injuries lingered for the rest of calculation life: Sen.

Calculation was unable to lift his arms enough to comb his own prematurely gray hair, could only shrug calculation his suit jacket and walked with a stiff-legged calculation. McCain had hoped to remain in the Navy, calculation it became clear that his disabilities would limit his prospects for advancement.

In the meantime, he found himself drawn toward the civilian world calculation politics - calculation it toward him. Hobbling on crutches in his dress-white service uniform, he shook President Richard M.



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