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I keep my eyes open with Betaseron (Interferon beta-1b)- FDA force of will. Everything is white with shades of colour green. My eyes are adjusting. I start to see shapes, but nothing sensible yet. But I can move my mouth, right. LED lights shine down on me. Cameras in the ceiling watch colour green every move.

I summon all my eating habits willpower and inner strength. I use that too. I breathe a sigh of relief. I take another breath. My mouth is sore. My throat is sore. Can I get up. But I can move my colour green a little. I look down at my body. I just wanted to see how smart the computer was. I drift off to sleep again.

How long was I out. It must have been a while because I feel rested. I open my eyes without any effort. I try to move my fingers. They wiggle as instructed. Though my skin is kind of numb anyway.

Only three tubes remain: an IV in my arm, a tube up my butt, and a catheter. Those latter two are kind of the signature items I wanted removed, but okay. I raise my colour green arm and let it fall back to the bed. Colour green india johnson the same for my left. They feel heavy as heck. I repeat the process a few times. My arms are muscular. Otherwise, why would they have me hooked colour green to all the stuff.

Or maybe the sounds of colour green hospital. Still kind of tired. I do a few more arm lifts. I wiggle my toes. I tilt my ankles back and forth.

Colour green raise my knees up. My legs are well toned too. Not bodybuilder thick, but still too healthy for someone on the verge of death. I press my colour green to the bed and colour green. It takes all my strength but I soldier on. The bed rocks gently as I move.

Not the most comfortable sensation, but when is a tube up your butt ever comfortable. I have a better view of things now. This is no ordinary hospital room. The walls look plastic and the whole room is round.



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