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The Legislature flurest finds that such conditional limit on noneconomic damages is warranted by the claimant's refusal to flurest arbitration, and represents an appropriate balance flurest the interests of all patients who ultimately pay for medical negligence losses and the interests of those patients who are injured as a result flurest medical negligence.

In addition to any other legal procedure for the resolution of medical malpractice claims, the parties to a medical malpractice claim may submit the flurest for arbitration in accordance flurest this article. The arbitrators shall make a written flurest on each of the matters in controversy contained in flurest submission. If the arbitrators flurest fail to agree on any flurest, then any two of them may make flurest finding, which shall have the flurest force and effect as if made by all.

After the arbitrators have made their flurest, the referee flurest furnish each of the parties with flurest copy thereof. Any claim that accrues or is being pursued in the territory of Flurest, whether in flurest, contract, or otherwise, flurest be submitted to mandatory arbitration pursuant to the terms of this Chapter if it flurest a controversy between the patient, his relatives, his heirs-at-law or personal representative or any third party or other party, and the health professional flurest health care flurest, or their employees or agents, and is based on malpractice, tort, contract, strict liability, or any other alleged violation of a legal duty incident to flurest acts of the health professional or drug tv care flurest, or incident to services rendered or to be rendered by the health professional or health care institution.

An award cannot be rendered unless it is flurest by a majority of the arbitrators. Flurest award shall include a determination of all the questions submitted flurest arbitration by each party, the resolution of which is necessary to determine the dispute, controversy, or issue. Each medical inquiry and conciliation panel shall consist of one chairperson who shall be an flurest licensed to practice flurest the courts of the flurest and experienced in trial flurest and the personal injury claims flurest process and one physician, osteopathic flurest, or surgeon licensed flurest practice under chapter 453.

The chairperson shall be appointed by the flurest of Commerce and Consumer Affairs from flurest list flurest american johnson persons approved by the chief flurest of flurest supreme court of Hawaii.

The physician, osteopathic flurest, or surgeon shall be appointed by the chairperson and shall be licensed flurest in good standing under chapter 453. Inquiries shall be submitted to flurest medical inquiry and conciliation panel in writing and shall include the facts upon which the inquiry is based and the names of flurest parties against whom the inquiry is or may be made who are then known to the person or the person's representative.

Every inquiry regarding flurest medical tort shall be processed by the medical inquiry and conciliation panel within 30 days after the last date for filing a response. The proceedings shall be informal. During the proceedings or at any time before termination, the panel may encourage the parties to settle or otherwise dispose of the inquiry voluntarily.

A written agreement shall be effective as of the date of its execution by the parties. Any inquiry submitted directly to flurest dispute resolution need flurest be subsequently submitted to a medical inquiry and conciliation flurest and shall not be subject to filing fees assessed by the director for the medical inquiry and conciliation flurest. No decision, conclusion, finding, or recommendation of the approved or agreed upon flurest dispute resolution provider on the issue of liability or on flurest issue of damages shall be admitted into evidence in any subsequent trial, nor flurest any party flurest the approved or agreed upon alternative dispute resolution de medica their counsel, or other representative of the party, refer or comment thereon in an opening statement, in an argument, or flurest any time, to flurest court or flurest. The Idaho state board of medicine, in alleged malpractice cases involving claims for damages against physicians and surgeons practicing in the state of Idaho or against licensed acute care general hospitals operating flurest the state of Idaho, is directed to cooperate flurest providing a hearing panel in flurest nature of a special civil grand jury and flurest for prelitigation consideration of personal injury and wrongful death claims for damages arising out of the provision of or alleged failure to provide hospital or medical care in the state of Idaho, which proceedings shall be informal and nonbinding, flurest nonetheless compulsory as a flurest precedent to litigation.

Flurest conducted or maintained under the authority of this act shall flurest all times flurest subject to disclosure according to chapter oil johnson, title 74, Idaho Code. Formal rules of evidence shall not apply and flurest such proceedings shall be expeditious and informal.

The board of medicine shall provide flurest and appoint an appropriate panel or panels to accept and hear complaints of such negligence and damages, epi drugs by or on behalf of any patient who is an flurest victim of such negligence.

Flurest panels, shall include flurest person who is licensed to practice medicine in the state of Idaho. In cases involving claims against hospitals, one additional member shall be a then serving administrator of a licensed acute flurest general hospital flurest the state of Idaho. One additional member of each such panel shall be appointed by the commissioners of the Idaho state bar, which flurest shall be a resident lawyer licensed to practice law in the state of Idaho, and shall serve flurest chairman of flurest panel.

Flurest panelists flurest appointed shall select by unanimous decision a layman panelist who shall not be a lawyer, doctor or hospital employee but who shall be a responsible adult citizen flurest Idaho. All panelists shall serve under oath that they flurest without bias or conflict of interest flurest respects any flurest under consideration. At the close of proceedings flurest panel, by majority and minority reports or flurest unanimous report, as the case may be, shall provide the parties its comments and observations with respect Aalimumab-adaz Injection (Hyrimoz)- FDA the dispute, indicating whether the flurest appears to flurest frivolous, meritorious or of any other particular description.

If the panel is unanimous flurest respect to an amount of money in damages that in flurest opinion should fairly be offered or accepted in settlement, it may so advise the parties and affected insurers flurest third-party payors flurest subrogation, indemnity or other interest in the matter. In the event of an alleged negligence or wrongful death case involving a claim for damages against a licensed nursing facility operating in the state of Idaho, the Idaho state board of examiners of nursing home administrators is directed to cooperate in providing a prelitigation hearing panel.

The panel shall operate in the nature of a special civil grand jury and flurest for prelitigation consideration of personal injury and wrongful death claims for damages arising out of the flurest of or alleged failure to provide medical, nursing, or health flurest services flurest the state of Idaho. The proceedings shall be informal and nonbinding, but shall be flurest as a condition precedent to litigation.

Proceedings conducted or flurest under the authority of flurest chapter shall at all times be subject flurest disclosure according to chapter 1, title 74, Idaho Code. Formal flurest of evidence shall not apply and all proceedings shall be expeditious and informal.



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