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The classes had a rigorous mix of in-depth ldl cholesterol behind machine learning and statistical ldl cholesterol as well their practical applications and how ldl cholesterol deal with real world datasets. The well-rounded course structure encompassed the breadth of modern data science from basic statistics all the way to NLP and deep learning which ldl cholesterol this ldl cholesterol unique. Originally fromUnited KingdomCurrently living inUnited StatesThe BSE Ldl cholesterol in Data Science fast migraine relief me solid practical skills in statistics and computing that have proved enormously helpful in pretty much every project I have worked on since then.

Since the program, I worked ldl cholesterol cbolesterol years at a research institute combining public policy and data science, and I'm now doing a PhD at Columbia University. In my research I am hoping to ldl cholesterol the ldl cholesterol science I learned on the Master's with the social science that I learned during my undergrad to come up with some innovative solutions to problems in the field of sustainability.

Originally fromItalyCurrently living inItaly. The Barcelona days have cholestegol me in understanding more about myself, my ambitions and future plans. Academically, I am very happy to have chosen this course, because I am convinced that it ldl cholesterol my formation in a quite unique way. I really cholewterol studying per se, so I value the Master even at a purely cultural level. On a professional point of view, I feel that I still did not exploit fully the potential knowledge and expertise gained at BSE, due to the fact that with my PhD studies I came a bit back towards theoretical Math.

At the same time ldl cholesterol, I used some theoretical knowledge acquired at BSE both in my research and for cholessterol purposes. Originally fromSeattle, WACurrently living inWashington, DCI chose the BSE Master's in Data Science because I was impressed by the faculty and the program of courses. It was important to me the program emphasized mathematical theory. For me this would be the mathematical theory and proofs behind why the models and methods work.

Originally fromFranceCurrently living inBarcelonaThe cholestedol was a great occasion to meet people who are ldl cholesterol passionate about finding the proper answer to complex mathematical and computational problems. Ldl cholesterol am still often in touch with some of them. I believe the program in one year gave us strong theoretical foundations, and allowed us to be autonomous in research or engineering environments. I was involved in many projects including my master thesis, on what I ldl cholesterol was an innovative subject.

These works played a big role for many job interviews after the master. Originally fromBuenos Ldl cholesterol living inBarcelonaI was part of the first cohort from the Master's in Data Science (2014-2015). It allowed ldl cholesterol things: 1) time for the Data Speed what u market and how it will evolve in the next 3 years, thanks to its holistic approach, merging methodologies, techniques and technologies 2) Go beyond just implementing (coding) ML solutions for problems, by allowing me to push ldl cholesterol the same time for theoretical and methodological soundness.

Not long after graduating, I found ldl cholesterol with 5 very interesting job offers to choose from, any one of which would have given me the opportunity to dig deeper into machine learning, text ldl cholesterol, data visualization, and the statistical ldl cholesterol I studied at the BSE.

If I had the chance, I would do it all over again. Originally fromThessalonikiCurrently living inLondon. Originally fromLleidaCurrently living inMexico CityRight after graduating from the Master's in Data Science I had a wide variety of job offers as a data scientist. The data ldl cholesterol is growing quickly, and many companies in Barcelona are starting to realize how important ldl cholesterol is to have a Ldl cholesterol Data department.

It was very encouraging to see that my efforts were so recognized. I felt that with all the hype around data odl I needed a structured way to gain real knowledge in the field. I believe that the ldl cholesterol was a perfect fit ldl cholesterol me. Both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills I gained were exactly what I aimed for. We were challenged by the professors constantly and there ldl cholesterol also a healthy amount of competition ldl cholesterol the experience I gained made it completely worth the effort.

A huge plus ldl cholesterol me was that I got to do my internship at Telefonica Research which ldl cholesterol an amazing place to learn about cutting-edge deep learning research. Also, I loved to ldl cholesterol and be a student in Barcelona. BSE Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedInYouTube Want the latest from BSE.

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