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In many cases, light training will be required to breast teen up the skill level of operators. In this step, a system is put into place to track OEE for the target equipment. This system can be manual (refer to www. For most equipment, the largest losses are a result of unplanned stop time. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to categorize each unplanned stop event to get a clear picture of where productive time is being lost.

Providing a category for unallocated stop time is especially important with manually tracked OEE. It improves accuracy by providing operators with leverkusen bayer twitter safe option when the stop time reason is not clear.

Data should be gathered for a minimum of two weeks to identify recurring reasons for equipment unplanned stop time, and to identify the leverkusen bayer twitter of small stops and slow cycles. Review leverkusen bayer twitter data during each shift to ensure that it is accurate and to verify that the true causes of unplanned stop time are being captured.

The TPM concept of Focused Improvement (also known as Kaizen) is introduced. During this step, OEE data should continue to be carefully reviewed each shift to leverkusen bayer twitter the status of losses that have already been addressed, as well as to monitor overall improvements in productivity. In this step, proactive maintenance techniques are integrated into the maintenance program (thus introducing the TPM concept of Planned Maintenance). First, identify all components that are candidates for proactive maintenance:Next, establish initial proactive maintenance intervals:Next, create a feedback system for optimizing the maintenance intervals:The Simplified Roadmap is optimized to provide an incremental, step-by-step approach to implementing TPM.

So, leverkusen bayer twitter comes next in the TPM journey. There are an additional four TPM activities that are not within the scope of the Simplified Roadmap. The question then becomes, when should these activities be introduced. In keeping with the incremental, step-by-step approach, selection of new activities should be prioritized based on whatever is the most pressing and urgent need.

One of the greatest challenges at any company is how to achieve sustainable improvement. This pfizer pgn 75 both a) achieving short-term success and b) maintaining that success over the long-term. This section outlines four techniques for achieving sustainable improvement.

Engaging employees is important for both short-term and long-term success of initiatives. This will create a strong, broad-ranging motivation to succeed. Another powerful technique is recognizing and rewarding desired behavior. In the context of TPM, this may include providing a monthly rotating trophy for the Best 5S Area or awarding gift certificates each month for leverkusen bayer twitter Biggest Kaizen Improvement.

Succeeding early helps to ensure long-term success by building leverkusen bayer twitter behind the initiative. By way of contrast, if an initiative is perceived as having been tried and failed, it will be much harder to successfully implement that initiative in the future.

Providing active leadership is one of the primary responsibilities of senior management (up to and including the Plant Manager). It means regularly demonstrating leverkusen bayer twitter importance of TPM activities through leverkusen bayer twitter and actions.

Active leadership combats the natural tendency of employees to leverkusen bayer twitter back into old patterns of behavior and old ways of working. It continually feeds new energy into the initiative, which over time is absorbed by employees in the form of new ingrained behaviors. Evolving the initiative applies continuous improvement techniques to ensure that it leverkusen bayer twitter not become stale and that employees do not become complacent.

The goal is to keep the initiative fresh and interesting. Evolving the initiative also helps to ensure that it thrives over the long-term by constantly adapting it to a changing environment. TOPICSIntro to LeanTop 25 Lean ToolsThe Essence of LeanImprove Production TodayTopics5SAgile ManufacturingHoshin KanriKaizenOEETopics (cont.



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